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To destroy using Mind, they would be able to combine both these and their Seer powers to set into motion something as small as someone stepping on a butterfly, to something as large as an all-out war. The one who dominates logic, choice and thought. share. Why - Sabrina Carpenter . Besides the obvious, you know, stealing emotions, the more fun version of events is that which comes from stealing souls. In addition, the stuff we see in Homestuck is also a doing of Andrew Hussie, someone I believe to be apotential Lord of Space. So what else is there to do for the Lord but use their Quest Bed and learn their abilities? ... Lord of Heart. Perhaps not something as dire as, say, dying (although, if they pulled enough strings for the Rube Goldberg machine, they could do that), but they could indeed give the Lord enough of a warning from an oddly coincidental fate to warn them to never do that again. In other words, they would not subscribe to the theory of tabla raza (look it up if you don’t know it, it’s actually quite the fascinating theory). It might even just be the word Heart. Jan 7, 2019 - ampora-of-hearts ancestors headshot lord_english profile the_handmaid You are sure it is the same one you slaughtered earlier, and yet his stench remains, confounding you from every direction. Icon made by indegoseahorse MOBILE USERS, PLEASE GO TO YOUR BROWSER IN ORDER TO CLICK ON THE LINKS. Even though sloppy is fine, it might be a bit of a good idea to arrange this particular page because, to be quite frank, as it is right now, it is just absolute garbage. A few people from the main classpect thread have expressed a desire to see it reinstated, so I have obliged. So the Lord of Heart would be one that wears their heart on their sleeve. It’s an odd and complex process by which it works, but it exists so that the Lord might always be balanced out by the Muse, at least to some extent. The concept of one’s own self is at the mercy of a Witch of Heart. A while ago, we explained the powers of the Maid of Heart, and one of them was the ability to produce clones, to create self. And that’s his brother Cue. Thieves, although having a tendency to reflect their Aspect, do not have lives that do much the same, as shown by Vriska losing her arm and eye, and Meenah not having a choice as heir to the throne. He isn’t important tho. Their quest is to make sure that everyone else’s quests happen while the session is still ongoing. I strongly recommend you send your asks about "If X group of characters played Sburb..." to X Plays Sburb, not me Index - Roles Index - Misc September 30, 2014 Heir Of Heart. Lord Of Mind My Second Lord. Hell, they might even have Choice in their Land’s full name as a bit of an ironic twist (related to their Aspect, and the Muse’s ultimate responsibility). Thus, not every Heir has the Heir class trait. From then on, HB instead stands for Hearts Boxcars. Meaning they become the soul, their own inner self. Thankfully, according to the rest of the ask you sent us, they’re not the only ones in the session if they are cherubs, which hopefully means that their destructive behaviors towards each other could be curtailed by the other players.Human!Lord <3< / <3 Troll!Muse, Troll!Lord <3< / <3 Human!Muse: Gods know that trolls could teach a human how their hate/love thing works and have it work between them. They want you happy? We can only hope it doesn’t come to that, though.Weapons: TCOK, to reiterate what was said about the weapons of a Muse from an earlier post, Muses tend to have weapons that are generally related to those of their corresponding Lord, if there is one. Well, we’ve got you covered there. Well, we’re thinking that that might have something to do with why the Muse’s land is so empty.It wasn’t always. hs kin blog homestuck kin hskin homestuck kin blog hs kin aesthetic hs kin kin blog fictionkin. 14. The Lord we’ve seen so far is Caliborn who apparently had little knowledge of how his Aspect worked but seemed to have a great use of it on an instinctual level. But the words I can think of that are Heart-related and could relate to the land include Soul, Happiness, Animation, etc. The Muse would Know their Aspect and generally give that knowledge to others to work out amongst themselves. This includes, but may not be limited to, powers of a certain god tier, weapons a certain god tier may be proficient with, how well a team might do in a session, potential land names and quests for titles, and pretty much anything else you can think of. But in addition to that, the Lord of Heart would be able to use the Maid of Heart’s powers to create emotion (in others, this is a Pavlov trick).Speaking of beating people up, the Lord’s not going to find much better than their skills as the Prince of Heart. Look no further! The group manages to build a city from the ground up, transforming themselves into the Midnight Crew.

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