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Do Dogs Cry or Just Tear?

Crying means shedding tears. But, in addition, the term is also associated with an emotional factor. When people cry, it is because they feel a certain emotion. On the other hand, there is also simple tearing. Not always tearing is crying. When someone speaks a speck of dust in his eye, he tears. When a person feels pain or sadness, he cries. Now, what happens to animals? Do dogs cry in order to show their emotions?

Do dogs cry to show emotions?

No one has any doubt that animals feel. These beings are extremely sensitive. Dogs feel pain, sadness, joy, euphoria and even anxiety. It is an extremely emotional species. This is why, perhaps, those dogs resemble human beings so much. Now, does the tearing of dogs originate from their emotions?

According to experts in the field, dogs cry, but not from an emotional connotation. Emotional tears are exclusive to the human race. It has not yet been demonstrated that another species has this characteristic. Therefore, hairy people do not cry in order to show their feelings, but this does not mean that the animal does not feel. The dogs show their emotions and feelings also through other types of behavior.

The human being is the only species that cries to feel pain, sadness, joy, and more emotions. Beyond this, tears have their own function. It is about lubricating and protecting the eye. This is why all animal species cry. At least you can say they tear.

However, it is very common to see a dog cry. In many cases, this is due to external factors. The climate and the microbes of the environment are the most frequent causes of animal tearing. Even many dogs suffer from complex eye diseases. These have the main symptom of tearing. Even so, it is always a physical matter. The emotional side has no presence in this area.

How do dogs show their emotions?

If dogs do not cry, in sentimental connotation, how do they show their emotions? There are many behaviors that will refer to these demonstrations. Animals have many resources and a dog will always let his human family know his mood.

Main behaviors of a dog when demonstrating his emotions

  • Howl: it is a clear symptom of sadness or intense pain. A dog can also howl when he feels lonely. On the other hand, many dogs howl when they are immensely happy. The howl is a characteristic gesture of the animal’s most intense emotions.
  • Groan: Usually, moaning is a symptom of discomfort or pain. Dogs groan when they don’t feel comfortable. It may be due to discomfort, both physical and emotional.
  • Barking: barking also connotes a lot of emotional significance. When a dog barks uncontrollably, it can be a sign of pleasant happiness. Driest and choppy barking can indicate fear and distrust.
  • Move the tail: when a dog moves its tail slightly, it is usually because it is anxious. Usually, this gesture connotes enthusiasm. It is very common for a dog to swing his tail when he wants to play or go for a walk.

More indicative signs

Although we have seen the main signals, there are also ways to detect emotions in an animal. A dog that does not eat and goes to bed all day may feel sad. Animals are very intuitive. This helps them perceive everything that happens in their environment.

On many occasions, the dog will internalize everything that happens around him. The animal acts like a sponge, absorbing all the energies of its surroundings. When these are not very good, the mood of the animal will be increasingly declined. A dog is very similar to a child in the sense that they are able to perceive everything around them.

Eyes, looks, and tears

The dog’s eyes also reflect his mood. Just look at them to know how the animal feels. Intuitive people can detect an emotion very well through a look. This happens in both people and animals.

In conclusion, it can be said that dogs cry, although not because of emotions. More and more scientific studies confirm this fact.

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