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Dog Breeds for the Field

If you have a large house, you live on the outskirts of the city, or you plan to buy a farm, we recommend you read the following article, where we will tell you what are the breeds of dogs for the camp or. Because of their large size, their guardian skills and their ability to herd cattle, they can be of great help.

What are the best dogs for the field?

If you have a house with a large plot or park extension, you probably want to have a pet, a guardian and an assistant in your daily work. The following dog breeds for the field are suitable for these needs and conditions :

1. Samoyed

It is a race of Russian origin and the most popular, not only in your country but in the agricultural towns around the world. It has a white and fluffy mantle and resists low temperatures. Currently, this dog is used by nomadic peoples for grazing, to take care of reindeer, to hunt, to get heat at night and to pull the sleds.

The Samoyed is very sociable, docile, strong, resistant, with such an expression that it seems that he was always smiling. He spends many hours on alert and, although we think otherwise, he is not an animal with a great instinct for hunting.

2. San Bernardo

This breed of dogs for the countryside and the mountains is native to the Swiss and Italian Alps. It is a cross between the Bulldog of Tibet, the Great Dane, the Newfoundland and the extinct Mastiff of the Alps. It is a molluscoid very dear for his loyalty, his bravery, and his tranquility. It owes its name to the hospice of San Bernardo, which housed pilgrims and travelers. It is robust, harmonious, with a large head, and can have short or long white hair with brown and reddish spots. He is obedient, patient and very kind.

3. Belgian Shepherd Laekenois

Another of the dogs for the field, the least known among all the Belgian Shepherds that exist (and also the oldest). Medium in size, muscular, agile and light, Laekenosis has a hard coat of the “wire” type of red and carbon and can weigh up to 30 kg. It is a very intelligent canine, ideal for grazing and guarding herds, totally hardworking, dynamic, energetic and with highly developed instincts (therefore requires special training).

4. English pointer

It is a very dynamic and active dog that adapts to large spaces and loves sports. Its origin is Britain, and it is believed that its predecessor is the Spanish Pointer. The first specimens appeared in the seventeenth century and were used to “mark the dam” (hence its name). At present, it is not used as a hunter, but as a company in homes, especially in rugged areas. Tall, slender, strong and agile, English Pointer is very alert, curious and not very aggressive. He gets along well with other dogs and with children.

5. Norfolk Terrier

Within the Terrier group, it is the smallest of all, however, it is still an ideal dog for the field. The brave, active, friendly and ideal companion for children because he loves to play and have fun. He also accepts work as a way to release energy. The Norfolk is compact, with short and muscular legs, wide head and “wire” hair of red, black, wheat and gray colors. As for his character, he is outgoing, sociable and not at all aggressive canine.

6. Border Collie

It is considered the most intelligent dog in the world due to its ability to learn in four areas: dog skills, obedience, agility, and grazing. For the latter, it is recommended among dogs for the field. It originated in the British Isles. The word “Collie” means “useful” in Gaelic. With an elongated body, it can weigh up to 20 kg and have one eye of each color (brown and blue) or both blue.

It has a double layer of dense hair to protect you from the cold. The Border Collie needs at least one house with a garden because it is quite energetic and active. Also, it is advised for active families who do sports or outdoor activities. If you do not receive attention and dedication, it can be somewhat destructive.

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