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Dog Parks, Give Excitement to Your Walks

The walks with our dogs can sometimes be boring, both for us and for them. Sometimes, they also fall short, since a dog needs a minimum of exercise that sometimes walks do not give. Therefore, today we want to talk about dog parks.

The Royal Spanish Canine Society proposes certain sports to practice with our dogs, such as running, a sport that can be practiced wherever you live.

If you live near the sea, you can practice swimming with your dog if he likes water. If you have a field nearby, you could try the dog frisbee. However, it is difficult to practice this type of sports when living in the city. Maybe there is somewhere to do it, but it is far from where you live.

To this end , dog parks have been created that can help you have a good time with your pet and keep it in good shape thanks to the activities that can be developed there.

Parks for dogs, an innovative way to have a good time

Madrid has been a pioneer in Spain in creating special parks where dogs can exercise while having a good time.

They are parks that have always been part of the city, and that have set aside a place for pets. For example, the Retiro Park. The corner that has been left for our dogs has the entrance through the Mariano Gate of Cavia and has an area with grass and trees, benches and fountains.

In addition, there are areas of obstacles, a pipican and enough wastebaskets in which to throw the excrements of our animals. You always have to be behind the pet, as it may not be ready to jump over the park’s obstacles. Of course, if you want to go in summer, do not do it in the hours that the sun is most pressing, but when it cools, because the shadows may be insufficient.

Mahadahonda is a neighborhood where Adolfo Suarez Park has another recreational place for our pets. It is in Velero 24 street and opens from 8 to 22h. Enrique Herreros Park or Olof Palme are two other great options for our pets to have a great time.

There are other options for rainy days or in bad weather, such as Verdecora, an indoor park where your dog can practice in an agility circuit.

If you do not live in Madrid, you may have complicated going to one of these parks; We must wait for other provinces to take the initiative.

What to keep in mind when we walk with our dogs

If we don’t have one of these magnificent dog parks, we may have to take advantage of the streets around the house. However, we must be aware that in these, there are also some rules to follow.

We list them so you don’t have problems:

  • Your dog must be accompanied. No matter its size or race, you should always go with it and wear it with a strap or a sturdy cord that lets you control it.
  • Control your needs. That you are in the street does not mean that your dog can make your bowel movements or pee anywhere. Control this matter so you don’t have problems with the neighbors or the authority.
  • Wear muzzle If its characteristics or character, regardless of the breed, show that it can be aggressive, you should wear it with a muzzle.
  • If there are bounded areas for dogs you can leave it loose.
  • Keep it in sight. Your dog, although very affectionate, could annoy other people. Avoid getting close to others and respect that there are people who do not like animals.
  • You cannot enter playgrounds or bathe in municipal sources.

Enjoy walks with your pet, whether in dog parks or on the street. Of course, always respecting the rules.

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