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Dogs That Hate Their Owners

There has been much talk about the close and special relationship between human beings and dogs. They are called man’s best friend.” However, recent studies have shown that everything that glitters is not gold. There may be dogs that hate their owners.

This seems incredible because the dogs have shown us throughout history the unconditional love and loyalty that they are capable of dismantling. Much has been said about his good feelings and that no evil can harbor his heart.

How can one say then that there are dogs that hate their owners?

Are there really dogs that hate their owners?

Nicholas Dodman, from Tufts University in Massachusetts, thinks so. In his book “The Conversation” he tells a real example of a man, Rick, and his terrier.

Rick loves his Irish puppy, but it seems that this is Platonic love. Ruckus, as the dog is called, responds aggressively. He started marking his territory everywhere and, at times, Rick had to call his wife to lock the dog because he was afraid of being attacked.

With this experience, although not very common, Nicholas wanted to show that there are some owners who are going through this situation with their pets. They are situations that cannot go unnoticed, because in the case of Ruckus, for example, the thing did not end well.

When Rick was mowing one day, Ruckus pounced and the animal control agents had to intervene. Sad but true. A reason to discover what can lead to this type of behavior.

Reasons why there are dogs that hate their owners

The case of Ruckus is not isolated. There are some dogs that can respond in the same way for various reasons. Let’s talk about some.


Although Ruckus apparently hated his owner for some unknown reason, others may be in different situations, but that leads them to react in the same way. For example, dogs that have been mistreated may simply not want to live with their new owners because they don’t find them interesting or because they are strict.

We must remember that both people and dogs have our personalities and not all fit all. Animals also have preferences. Their trauma can make them negative and believe that they are not happy living with those people.

Their reaction could be aggressive, although others may be apathetic or indifferent. Everything will depend on the dog and the severity of the trauma.


Dodman tells in his book “The Dog Who Loved Too Much” a true story about a German Shepherdrd who was afraid of its owner. When he arrived home, the dog ran to hide.

Its owner had never hurt him, but the dog had been mistreated before, which created a kind of aversion to all men. However, this story had a happy ending.

The man’s wife had episodes of hypoglycemia to which the animal came quickly and quickly. When he saw that help was needed, he asked his owner. This, in turn, took advantage of these occasions to give him affection and show him that he loved him. Over time, their relationship improved.

Courage is not about not being afraid but about having guts to face it

In case you notice similar attitudes in your dog, we will tell you something you need: time and patience. An animal that has passed traumatic episodes will need fun, walks and good memories by your side that are able to cover their traumas and eliminate their fears.

Always bet on positive reinforcement and sweet words. As we always tell you, with love, love, perseverance, and love there are not impossible. Try it!

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