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When we are sleeping, watching a movie on the couch or cooking, our pet shows us that he keeps us company supporting his cold and wet snout. It is one of the most beautiful displays of affection that exist! In this article, we will tell you everything there is to know about dogs’ noses, which should be treated delicately because they are very sensitive.

What to know about the dog’s noses?

Surely you will have noticed if you have dogs at home that their sense of smell is much more developed than ours. To be precise, about 60 times more than the human being. Through the nose, dogs can find a toy, a person lost in the mountain or its owner when it is lost.

The dog’s snout contains about 300 million olfactory receptor cells. They can detect the smell of hormones and the energy of other beings (including people). That is why you can know where or with whom you have been when you return home.

The dog’s nose is basic

Because dogs’ noses are one of their means of communication, it is essential that they remain in good condition. Although many people believe that if it is hot or dry it is because the animal has a fever, it can also be because it is hot because it is very close to the oven or heating. Other reasons have to do with lying in the sun for a while or because the environment where you sleep does not have enough air circulation. In those cases, it is necessary to remove the can from the cause of the temperature rise in your nose and monitor if it cools.

The color of dogs’ noses depends on skin pigmentation (as is the case with us). There are some races that have black truffles, others brown, there are red and sand … And each of these tones may need specific care. Clear snouts may be more delicate in contact with the sun.

In this case, it is recommended to place some protective cream indicated by the veterinarian. However, we will always have the problem that it will be removed with your tongue. Do not let your hairy spend many hours in contact with UV rays if it has light skin because it can suffer from melanoma.

If you see that your dog’s nose is “split”, very dry, with wounds, or has scabs or dried blood, you should take it to the veterinarian to analyze whether he suffers from any disease. Other warning signs are the growth of cauliflower-shaped tissues, bumps or secretions of yellow, green and black or blood.

Why is the dog’s nose wet and cold?

The humidity and low temperature in the animal’s muzzle serve several functions. If for some reason it is no longer cold and wet, with the same tongue it returns to normal or adequate conditions. The dog’s nose is wet because of the following:

1. To cool

In this way, you can lose the heat of the body “leftover”. It is as if it were a fan of its own. Through the tongue and panting reduces body temperature. That is, use saliva to cool the nose. The nasal glands provide a large portion of the water in the snout. This is why they must always be wet.

2. To better receive the signals

A wet truffle is synonymous of health in the pet, but also of a greater amount of odorous particles. Thus, olfactory capacity is further increased. It also facilitates neuronal reception to the brain. Moisture in dogs’ noses works as if it were a “slide,” because it drives the odorous molecules to be detected more quickly.

3. To permeate smells

We do not understand many of the attitudes or habits of our dogs, such as why they love to smell rotten things or dead animals. And what is worse, why they approach such an object that the nose is dirty. Because that way he knows better what he has found! The information is analyzed in a more effective way if the smell is near the snout.

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