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Greyhound or Hound Dog Breeds

In this article, we will tell you what are the breeds of greyhounds or hounds that exist. This group of canines has a thin build. They are also well-equipped for the race since they can reach great speeds. They are taller than long, the head is they have a great sense of sight.

What types of greyhound or hound dogs are there?

They are mostly used to hunt rabbits and hares for their speed and agility. But more and more chosen as companion dogs. In addition, there are three types according to your hair (long, hard and short). One of its main characteristics is that they are dolichocephalic (which allows them a wider view). Here we tell you what are the greyhound or hound dogs that exist:

1. Afghan Hound

It is one of the most famous sightings in the world and, as the name implies, comes from Afghanistan. This hare is long, fine and silky fur, and owes its origin to a cross with the Saluki dogs that arrived from Persia. It is believed that the first Afghan Greyhounds were born in the year 1000 BC Since then it was used as a hunting dog. He is usually very independent, is really fast and wins many beauty contests for his spectacular fur.

2. Borzoi

This breed of greyhound or hound dogs developed in Russia and descends from the Arabian greyhound, although it also resembles the Russian sheepdog. It was created to hunt hares and wolves. For centuries, he was the chosen one of the noble families and the tsars. Grand Duke Nicholas was a well-known Borzoi fan. Agile body, long and hunched tail, silky fur and elongated head, this can be of various colors, always with white “base” and yellow, red, gray, tabby or orange spots.

3. Saluki

It is known as “the royal dog of Egypt”, and is one of the oldest that are still breeding. As it is believed, it is one of the breeds of greyhounds or hounds that descends from the wolves of the Ara desert. Bedouins esteem it and choose to hunt gazelles and as pets. He is usually quite independent and needs the training to be gentle and affectionate. With an elongated head and body, drooping ears, a long curved tail, and a deep thorax, the Saluki can have two types of the mantle: plain or “feathered.”

4. Irish Wolfhound

It is also called Wolf Hunter and comes from Ireland. He was employed to hunt and to guard farms and farms. It is related to the Scottish Hound and is the second-highest rate in the world next to Great Dane (although the latter beats him for being more robust). The hair of the Irish Wolfhound is strong and thick, of colors fawn, gray, brindle, red, black or white. It is a very docile animal and gets along very well with children.

5. Spanish greyhound

The sightings in this country are known as “greyhounds”, a word that derives from the Latin Gallicus, which means Galia. It is a pure race that has not been crossed with others over time. It can reach up to 70 km/hour, being the fastest dogs. He has short, fine and straight hair, thin appearance, bulky chest, and long legs. In recent years it has become one of the most chosen Greyhounds or Greyhound dogs as a company.

6. Sloughi

The Berber or Arabian Hound emerged in North Africa (today it can be found mainly in Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, and Algeria). It is a hunting animal and guardian. He has short hair, drooping ears, “melancholic” expression, amber and light-weight eyes. Your energy seems never to run out. It has a strong and compact view. Intelligent, alert, sensitive and faithful to its owner, the Sloughi usually enjoys good health.

7. Azawakh

Another of the greyhound or hound dogs that come from Africa, but in this case from countries like Niger, Mali, and Burkina Faso. It was traditionally used by nomadic desert peoples to hunt gazelles. With an elongated head, black nose and open nostrils, large eyes, triangular ears, and curved tail, the Azawakh is loyal, attentive and affectionate with his family. It can be something territorial and reserved with strangers.

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