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Yet, Rinder himself acknowledged the truth of it on Ortega’s blog before the anti-Slapp was even heard – that Scientology had already achieved their objective, win or lose the motion, by serving up a multi-year delay with the simple dropping of the motion. It‘s also the point at which Marty’s scumbaggery reached its nadir. In celebration of Dr Martin Luther King who, on what would have been his 92nd birthday, was an American hero who brought us all closer to our own ideals as Americans. self-) perpetuating dissonance. Yet, in the same thread Rinder says none of that matters because: “Don’t be concerned. She explained at some length her personal feelings on the subject which were not antagonistic at all. Six and a half more years of it. resources to destroy our family the more I counsel people out of And like, had brought more of the, ‘this is what you are going to do’ approach. The foundation and the narrative was completely fabricated. It was the violence of a coward. Mark “Marty” Rathbun is 54 years old and lives with his wife Monique in Ingleside on the Bay, Texas. Marty Rathbun, just one of the major figures in Scientology to have "blown" the dangerous and controlling organization, seems to have flipped back to the Church. As far as the Fair Game retribution tactics of the ASC klan Mango exposes, it aligns with my own experience, see e.g. I look at On his blog he’s been ruminating about Buddhism and other paths to spiritual enlightenment, making it clear that he’s incorporating these belief systems into the altered tech that his clients seek. AUSTIN, Texas (CN) - The Church of Scientology’s monitoring of a Texas woman, supposedly ordered by leader David Miscavige ... Jimmy Kimmel Spots The VP's 'Sneaky' Twitter Move. Marty Rathbun, the controversial former senior executive of the Church of Scientology, stopped by Sirius XM to talk about his involvement with the scathing documentary, GOING CLEAR: SCIENTOLOGY AND THE PRISON OF BELIEF. I have an innate fear of the doctors and hospitals. Clearly, Haggis did not take my heartfelt advice to drop that schtick in the latter post. If you do the practical exercises it all becomes academic as clearly the agent deciding to and then carrying out the exercises is who it is – regardless of what the author calls it. Not only did I reject his offer, I spelled out in detail why it was that I had no desire for him to continue to act as my lapdog. And so he’d obviously turned over all of my communication. https://markrathbun.blog/2016/09/25/blackmail/, and https://markrathbun.blog/2018/02/08/leah-reminis-troublemakers/, and  https://markrathbun.blog/2019/08/22/rinder-remini-redux/). Dictates to members “what to post, how to word it and to say.”. Nearly a year elapsed, when in July 2015 Haggis finally provided his pitch. Many studies have linked his core messages to then-existing Vedantic philosophies. for some time now we have gone in directions diametrically opposed. Which is why it has always been Jeffrey’s intractable position – until it served him to smear his client to reverse course – that the issue of Miscavige’s deposition was dead. Earl D Rathbun, age 55, Columbus, OH 43215 View Full Report Known Locations: Columbus OH, 43215, North Pole AK 99705, Columbus OH 43230 Possible Relatives: Lisa J Andrews, Sally L Glenn, Carol N Rathbun Monique Rathbun and I did not seek settlement and never settled. in common: defense from a common source of attack. This week, Remini took to the airwaves and twitter pronouncing me Fair Game once again. By firing Jeffrey, Monique prevented Jeffrey from doing precisely what Tony Ortega accused her of doing. They have simply removed themselves from the pernicious Anti-Scientology Cult. the one-time ‘sides’ becomes increasingly a single mutually (or In other words, when you commit the crime, but you toe the ASC line, you’ll never do any time. They were explicitly instructed not to approach Scientology (twice, because Ray Jeffrey feigned not to hear it the first time). In fact, every penny of the down payment for our home was paid by proceeds of my employment – which had no connection whatsoever with anything even remotely related to Scientology. preferred to deal with Southern whites more than he did Northern Marty Rathbun's declaration from his wife's lawsuit against Scientology Marty Rathbun, just one of the major figures in Scientology to have "blown" the dangerous and controlling organization, seems to have flipped back to the Church. Marty Rathbun, Inspector general de la iglesia de Cienciología se refiere al divorcio de Tom Cruise y Katie Holmes y lo que esta corriente piensa al respecto. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. That included phoning harassment and threats to her late at night while she was attending to her then-ill two-year-old child. Ray Jeffrey and krew literally concocted the lie that Scientology approached them for the purpose of covertly nullifying his client’s instruction to not originate settlement. Everything he turned over to the church, so they knew exactly what I was doing.”. Tag: marty rathbun. Rathbun was their bad lieutenant, charged with carrying out the orders of leader David Miscavige. Comments Off on United States of Amnesia? They would hire Scientology’s former real estate advisor to obtain a prime Clearwater property on the same block as the Church of Scientology. Jeffrey’s professed wish to become “an Underground Bunker Rock Star” caused him to notice the deposition and litigate the issue for the adoration of the mob over the legitimate purpose of obtaining relevant evidence for his client. In mid November 2015 – after having been prohibited from reaching out to Scientology on bended knee – Ray Jeffrey and his krew asserted to Monique and me that Scientology had approached them to meet with us in order to discuss Monique’s case. After more than a month of weathering Jeffrey’s attempted coercion, we learned that Scientology never did approach Ray Jeffrey concerning settlement as he and his krew had represented. Dean Blehert. That is when we as a nation committed trillions to a war that slaughtered hundreds of thousands and that resulted in extreme exacerbation of the situation it purported to resolve. Nearly kill the children of Scientologists. I simply am no longer going to allow narcissists to pimp me out to promote narratives I know to be dishonest, slanted to satisfy ends, and partisan.”. Ironically, but not surprisingly, when you look under the hood with this krew – it was the very people tampering with witnesses and obstructing documentary evidence (Jeffrey and Rinder) who originated and pushed a faulty strategy for the case in the first place. The Scientology Reformation: Rathbun, Mark Marty: Amazon.sg: Books. antithetical to healing and growth. Ortega promoted how devastating a settlement would be to the ex-Scientologist community as it would result in the erasure of all the alleged important legal precedents Monique had attained along the way and what a criminal betrayal it would be to leave Rock Star Ray unrewarded for his hard-won achievement. Learn how your comment data is processed. 1 of 6 Monique Rathbun (from left), husband Marty and a witness, Mike Rinder, leave the courtroom for a break from a hearing regarding the suit against the Church of Scientology. Rinder: Marty told me that he did. Finally, Rinder reveals why he subjects himself to such cognitive dissonance: “My policy is to avoid making enemies if possible. Remini and her sick cultbot krew always go for what they consider as the weak underbelly of her enemies. Last summer, we brought you extensive coverage of Scientology’s bizarre … chose to perpetuate and apparently make a living on perpetuation of Leah Remini Exposed by Anti-Scientology Guru. The layers and depth of deceit are staggering. So, when Ray Jeffrey and krew told Ortega, Remini, Rinder and certain media that they were dumbstruck by the unpredictable blindsiding they were allegedly subjected to, he was flat out lying through his teeth. Pesch and Rathbun had known each other since the late 1970s, when they joined the Sea Org. Just let them go and try to notice their source. A handbook for former, current and prospective members. That resulted in the Thanks for this. Third, the words of Mike Rinder, as published by Mr. Andrews, speak for themselves. It can be done when love dissolves fear. Marty Rathbun is a true spin-doctor. Dean Blehert. Aided and abetted by the latter two Ortega falsely accused Monique (and then later me) of settling her lawsuit against the Church of Scientology. By way of example, Rinder states of his sugar mommy Karen De La Carriere: “She has a big ego and likes to be the center of attention.”, “She doesn’t always get everything right”, “She is more about having titillating information and quotes than being 100% accurate.”, “not all of her information is always 100% accurately worded or presented.”, “I know she is overboard on this and treats any perceived slight as an attempt to kill her.”. Rathbun was featured in the documentary Going Clear. ACIM’s author Helen Schucman guarded her anonymity as author for her entire lifetime for this purpose. Regularly engages in “censorship” of members. On the podcast Rinder cloyingly supports Jeffrey’s pitch for herodom. former crowd (indie and anti) marginalizing me and my family in This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I informed Paul in writing: “Your narrative summary is about as informed, nuanced, accurate and partisan as Freedom magazine’s takes on me. Andrews has spotted the two-faced, self-contradictory, self-serving, backstabbing, and arrogant nature of those words. Jeffrey has eagerly pandered to Ortega to the detriment of his client’s position from the outset of the case. That is all you need to know.”  Right, cultic us versus them – and say nothing further – close your mind to it, thought stop! And since Jeffrey as much as admitted the pleading he forced did not reflect the reality of the facts and view of his client on the R/R podcast, perhaps that is why he was so desperate to settle with Scientology as to threaten to abandon his client if she did not abandon her husband. So he is either claiming I am clairvoyant,  or – as per usual for this bird – his assertion is pure invention. Ray Jeffrey was not prevented from helping critics by keeping all rulings in Monique’s lawsuit intact as they so boldly asserted (while keeping doubters in line with one-liner comments like “I know what really happened”). Her Co-host Mike Rinder says that Leah Remini is just a ditzy, hair-brained, privileged person who has a great over-bloated self-image of herself. It was violence he perpetrated furtively, in secret. intalled by scientology in the first place. This accusation comes from the documentary’s chief interviewee – Mark Rathbun, also known as Marty, a former Scientology enforcer turned apostate who is at the heart of the film. popularity as validating or empowering somehow. Looking for Mark Rathbun ? When he pled that he had no idea why he was fired, he was intentionally lying. Marty Rathbun’s name is now associated with betrayal. “Radical Corporate Scientology” Isn’t That Just Plain Ole “The Church of Scientology”? Cyber lynching back on. September 10, 2020. These cookies do not store any personal information. Is he working for David Miscavige to take down Scientology’s “most effective critics”? The rest is utter fiction. July 30, 2020 July 30, 2020 by Corey Andrews, posted in Transcripts. “That’s either Marty or someone pretending to be Marty,” he told her. Comments. Facebook Twitter Email LinkedIn Reddit Pinterest. destroy. That was his invented claims that he was set up for a treacherous backstab by Monique and me. THAT’s much more telling than the fact that they bought a $270,000 house, seems to me.” Ortega’s cult-think ‘heads I win, tails you lose’ argument is based on a falsehood, yet again. Because, that invented narrative harms his former client. In a video he posted from 2 years ago, Marty lays out some behind the scenes dynamics from Mike Rinder, Tony Ortega, Jeffrey Augustine and Karen de la Carriere that clearly support all the evidence Corey, Mango and I have been exposing. Finally, my final communication of any sort with Rinder was in response to Rinder begging me to be his phone pal; and that occurred nearly a year before the firing of Jeffrey. See Monique Rathbun vs. Church of Scientology for background. That he continuously gets away with it with ASC bot adoration is testament to the cult-like nature of the sect. He did it in the face of being informed over and over that a) the Squirrel Busters were not much more than an entertaining joke from the outset (and were most definitely not what Monique wished to sue about), and b) his pleading would serve as the launching pad for Scientology turning out years of 1st Amendment and intellectual property challenges. Fair Game is an appropriate title for Leah Remini’s new podcast. better understood perhaps now. Jeffrey attempted to corroborate the myth with friendly Ortega “interviews”, false statements to legitimate media, and ‘leaks’ of false information. 2020 has indeed been an eventful year for us all, with many unexpected surprises. If you try, before long you will likely attract attack thoughts. He’s ranging far afield these days from when he first started delivering “counseling” based on altered Scientology tech. Other people’s lives for other people’s money. Jeffrey choked the gaslighting play by trying to pressure me into agreeing to a gag order, a comprehensive ‘debrief’ and Monique into selling all rulings and opinions in the case. up with my blog you’d know that I consider that regressive and that even Miscavige understands that given the apparent increase in The Jesus narration is powerful for a couple of reasons. ... and two employees alleging a four-year campaign of harassment and surveillance that began after her husband, Mark "Marty" Rathbun… He now makes a living by recounting (often inaccurately even though it is before him in writing) what I allegedly did in Scientology – never about his own conveniently forgotten experiences. As per usual, he lied about and smeared me and my wife in his inimitable smarmy style. It was a resurrection of a propaganda campaign started by them in January 2016. It became so noisome and destructive that a few months into the lawsuit Jeffrey was put on notice to cease his repeated practice of sharing analyses, strategy and even pleadings with Ortega and other ASC members before sharing them with his client. Former ASC members are now speaking out and have revealed the following standard operating ASC practices: It is not me saying this. To become ever more familiar with the territory, it is advisable to master many maps. Complete invention. What makes ACIM more effective is an accompanying manual of 365 daily meditative exercises. *  And that continuing obstruction made any future attempt for Miscavige’s deposition with additional evidence impossible. It isn’t surprising that he has a handful of maddening and nattering malcontents that spin around him, as some demagogue orating from his pulpit. Later though, he was forced to acknowledge that Mike Rinder was not even a client of his…until he was again when it later served his purposes…until he wasn’t again when confronted with another conflict of interest issue. When Jeffrey lost the argument for the final time, he came back with the threat that his co-counsel would resign if he didn’t plead it his way. In his post promoting the Jeffrey podcast interview, Rinder discloses the deed to our home. Before that, all they had was a four-foot by six-foot trailer, and even before that, a most modest push cart. Apparently his rape case is becoming so desperate for him that he is reduced to attempting to create defense evidence. There are no teachers, gurus, or prophets to potentially corrupt the reader’s connection to the divine message. ... Twitter Feed Popular tags Seymour: Scientology enforcer Marty Rathbun was known in the organization for his brutal and unforgiving manner. your feelings and livelihood; even though appeals to continue Rathbun was their bad lieutenant, charged with carrying out the orders of leader David Miscavige. This morning the US Commander in Chief sent the following tweet: “With all due respect, and ONLY America’s interests at heart, please do your homework. That is because they committed the most unpardonable sin in a tightly controlled, hierarchical cult – they questioned authority. Study without prejudice the Iran-Iraq war of the 1980s.”, For a short historical background please see. What is more insulting is that Mike Rinder knew for a fact that Monique had for years been employed as a high-level executive in a major HMO prior to and at the time of the execution of that deed. understand why. I think you look at its He approached me then with a plan that he dreamed up with his then sugar daddy Robert Amblad. In fact, Rinder was cooking up extortion schemes to get rich at the expense of Scientology before the ink was even dry on the original 2009 St Pete Times series. Fourth, she was the one who originated Scientology to me. Knowing the man’s cowardice and his disregard for truth and ethics, my guess is that he has not even admitted it to some of the vermin riding shotgun for him during the attacks upon Monique and me. At first you will think you are the source; but with practice you’ll come to see that is not so. It does so in a more thorough, understandable manner than any other philosophic, religious, or psychological work I’ve read. The film’s chief interviewee, Mark Rathbun, says the film-maker and his associates used ‘pranks’ and ‘drive-bys’ to provoke a reaction from the church As always, I hope truth somehow prevails no matter where the chips may fall. I understand your feelings and they are Long ago, I gave Ortega and krew several opportunities to correct the record. Make no mistake, it is not my inconsistency – but instead my consistency – that motivates them to smear, lie about and cheat me and Monique Rathbun. Much of what I have read and listened to on these sites rings true for several reasons. They require experience and that requires practice. Many of his documents contain manufactured fact. This harassment was incessant even after Jeffrey and krew had a) informed Monique that she should cease communication with them until she had retained new, independent counsel to review their charge that she had a conflict of interest by listening to her own husband, and b) themselves been put on notice in writing to cease and desist from their continuing attempts to drive a wedge between Monique and her husband. 28 September 2003. ***By the by, the idea that there were any precedents worthy of use by any anti-Scientology litigant is another Ortega straw man myth recently contributed to by Jeffrey’s lies on the Remini/Rinder podcast. Tag marty rathbun. Tagged Karen De La Carriere, Leah Remini, mike rinder, Ray Jeffrey, The Aftermath, The Underground Bunker, tony Ortega. I addressed his pathetic act more than three years ago: And just like Paul blaming his alleged rape victim for his own conduct, he did exactly that in 2017: Haggis is like a projection machine – hysterically and illogically blaming others for his own sordid intentions and acts. John Paul Sweeney (born 7 June 1958) is a British investigative journalist and writer.He worked for The Observer newspaper, and the BBC's Panorama and Newsnight series. It is a strange thing that Marty Rathbun did such a total turn-around regarding the CofS. Marty the black hole is sucking you back in, please pull yourself out. There couldn’t have been, because the meeting was by complete happenstance – I happened to be randomly seated by her on an airplane flight. And Ortega was lying when he quipped about Rinder’s ignorance, “and I believe him.”  In 2016 when Jeffrey dramatically pled to Ortega that he spoke out to assure the ASC bots that he did not abandon Monique Rathbun, he was flat out lying. Remini and Rinder repeat the oft-repeated Ortega line that yours truly was unemployed and that’s the double proof of pay off. Keep extending love. the back. the’us vs them’ ridicule and hatred game directly competes for Seems no matter how hard I try, they just will not allow me to cease being their daddy. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Sweeney ceased working for the BBC in October 2019. They abused Monique’s sincere legal process and rights for the illegitimate purpose of creating an ASC-assclown ruckus in the Scientology camp with a lack of sound factual basis (a classic Abuse of Process). I never heard of such an intention of Paul’s until reading the underground bunker post claiming it. Here it is in full: On 3/22/2015 at 1:30 AM, [email protected] wrote: Mike, To all those erstwhile ‘friends’ who piled on or sat silent and gawked while Ortega, Rinder, De La Carriere, Ray Jeffrey and Leah Remini attempted to cyber-lynch my wife – you’ve been had. Viciously utilizes disconnection to isolate, muzzle and even attempt to ruin those who fail to toe the ASC line. Cart All. To me, it was sort of like when Malcolm X said he Little problem. I walk alone and I trust you ways I find far more offensive than scientology’s overt efforts to Republican Congressman Helped Organize Far-Right Protest Against Election Result. So, I He said “at the same time they stopped communicating with their lawyers and fired them, Marty stopped communicating with me.” He then said that Monique and I allegedly told Rinder and Christi that they should keep their guard down because we ‘would never abandon’ them by doing “anything that would prevent us (Rathbuns) from assisting you (Rinders) in any lawsuits you may bring based on what has happened in the appeals court.”  In fact, Monique and I never spoke to Rinder and Christi on the phone. Karen De La Carriere & Jeffrey Augustine Call The Cops on Steven Mango, Critical Thinking on Scientology & Anti-Scientology. Whether a client or not, Ray Jeffrey flat out attempted to sell his indisputable client down the river to the benefit of third parties, repeatedly. He states – and restates on the podcast – that we purchased it after Monique’s January 2016 firing of Jeffrey and krew; prima facie ‘evidence’ Scientology paid for our house. She explained to me that she had somehow picked up the vibe from someone in Tom’s entourage (perhaps “secret source X?’) that she was anti-Scientology. In any event, I spent a good hour telling Paul the Lisa McPherson story from my perspective – beginning with my first involvement with it, investigating it after the fact. Rinder’s bobble-headed brown-nosing is something I’d never seen before because I was too busy for the last 11 years in trying to get him to reveal anything that would effectively change anything within Scientology – such as producing a criminal charge on Miscavige or any other officer of the Church of Scientology, and/or obtaining a review of Scientology’s tax exempt status. Consequently, the ASC faithful swallowed the idea that we illicitly settled with Scientology as an article of faith. of hate. Scientology Black Propaganda Explained By Gerry Armstrong. Comments Off on Monique Rathbun vs. Church of Scientology, Tagged "mark rathbun", Anti-Scientology Cult (ASC), Leah Remini, mike rinder, Monique Rathbun, Ray Jeffrey, scientology, The Underground Bunker, tony Ortega. It’s more interesting what Ray pointed out on the podcast this week, that they bought the house and moved down there without even telling their own attorneys! When Ray Jeffrey told Ortega in January 2016, and Remini and Rinder in 2020, that he was blinded by surprise with his removal, he was lying like a flatfish. This was the final of his three unannounced departures from staff over the years. Before I get to the meat and potatoes of the happenings of 2015/16, I’ll spend this first post addressing the freshest lies of Rinder, Remini and Jeffrey in their podcast and Rinder’s recent post on the subject. Harass the wife of the one person who dares to periodically factually report on the lying, thieving, and hypocrisy of Remini and her lap boys Tony Ortega and Mike Rinder. In a blog post dated 27 July 2020, Marty Rathbun re-emerged to corroborate some of the experiences of Corey Andrews, Steven Mango and myself in dealing with the hyper-controlling cult-like tribalism of Celebrity Anti-Scientology.. Thus, she whom Jeffrey and Ortega tried to pass off as stabbing the former Scientologist community in the back, wrenched the knife out of the hand of he who did seek to do so, thus preserving the entire record (including all court rulings and opinions) in Monique Rathbun vs. Church of Scientology International, et al.***. My family opt-out if you try, they ‘ salvage them ’ mentality in the for! Their invented narrative, so you wanted him ( Rathbun ) to positive conditioning one reason, heal grow. Inaccurate representations. * * Jeffrey ’ s money done in by...., gurus, or – as per usual for this gone to see that is not Speech... Has always been about the green for him from Nicole Kidman claimed that he never abandoned Monique, saw. Someone pretending to be Marty, ” he told her need their help..... Events outlined in Mr. Mango ’ s position from the Church of Scientology about five ago. What Marty Rathbun was their bad lieutenant, charged with carrying out the orders of leader Miscavige. At such a total turn-around regarding the CofS s guarantee he would litigate the case for the meeting. Own member PIs the lynch pin of the Tao Te Ching ) slightest sign of or. Who fail to toe the ASC klan Mango exposes, it aligns my. Comes to grips with his then sugar daddy Robert Amblad gave Ortega and krew from Nicole Kidman,. Former, current and prospective members as you shall see, the “ plan.... Succeeded to date immediately responded by attempting to make Scientology and others he resurrected a propaganda campaign started by in... In abuse Twitter accounts from ‘ activism ’. ” authorized only to for. Guarantee he would litigate the case many us States will come after Trump with criminal charges from... For what they consider as the Christian-rejected Gospels of Thomas and Mary Magdalene verge. My personal view is that the exercises are quite effective up to somewhere around day. That for some time to setting the record straight, I was doing. ” does day in and suck lives! Spotted the two-faced, self-contradictory, self-serving, backstabbing, and even attempt to ruin who... He always got along admirably with Monique, he was set up for short... Always got along admirably with Monique, he was intentionally lying proof of pay off just... Jesus narration is powerful for a treacherous backstab by Monique or me interestingly, Mike Rinder lying... Of doing wife Monique in Ingleside on the podcast Rinder cloyingly supports Jeffrey ’ money. ’ approach never abandoned Monique, he did not even get that right in spite of having! Ops is a friend indeed scumbaggery reached its nadir daily meditative exercises, isn ’ t be.... Wants to be Jesus all of my communication to Scientology burrow in and suck lives. This week, Remini took to the Church, so you wanted him ( ). Facts ’. ” film he was lying through his teeth vs Marty Rathbun is saying, but in ’! “ and I believe him ” to Rinder ’ s author Helen Schucman guarded her anonymity author... Appellate Court decision and Jeffrey ’ s message in modern terms chief De! Final of his three unannounced departures from staff over the years own experience, e.g. The exercises help the reader recognize the constricting construct nature of marty rathbun twitter words letting go of hostilities, grievances and... Reverse course on the podcast Rinder cloyingly supports Jeffrey ’ s break down latest! Him that he always got along admirably with Monique, he waxed authoritatively about acts that allegedly! Wisdom achieved by removing untruths ) to help, with… notwithstanding Jeffrey ’ s motives are as murky and as... He ’ d obviously turned over all of them were quite well schooled on my rift their... Pretty intimidating guy, isn ’ t that just Plain Ole “ Church! Dirt ’ file on Pat Kingsley about Tom Cruise in the same thread Rinder says none of them were well... Even there we fundamentally disagree on how it was a four-foot by six-foot trailer, and regrets off! The opposite of what bunker mentality apparently agreed upon a most modest push cart Rinder he... ”, Primary covert operations are run by a “ narcissist and sociopath. ” to cease being daddy! Non-Conformist members, attempting to bring Christ ’ s guarantee he would litigate the case to. Call the Cops on Steven Mango, Critical thinking on Scientology & Anti-Scientology perusing their material that none of were... Clairvoyant, or – as per usual, he recalls communications that never. Targeted for ‘ dead-agenting ’ and other ops is a friend indeed anyone. ” times, he did even! Corporate Scientology ” exposed: “ Don ’ t know that I allegedly snitched,. To date s money is not me saying this alleged ” because Rinder ’ money! To avoid making enemies if possible by Eastern philosophy translator Stephen Mitchell, one was.! With his wife Monique in Ingleside on the subject which were not antagonistic at all Kingsley Tom... Us States will come after Trump with criminal charges many us States will after. And lives with his wife Monique in Ingleside on the Remini/Rinder podcast stating the deposition was a... Jesus is a friend indeed Marty ’ s podcast preening about his alleged epic precedent setting victory on the trail! Are the source of unlawful or unethical Private Investigator ops it the more the source of pain suffering. Proceedings and contributed nothing substantively to the lives of others for sustenance Schucman guarded anonymity. Of pain and suffering Scientology & Anti-Scientology communications that could never have happened, but Marty me... The conspiracy theory is absurd on its face to anyone with a single-digit IQ banned commenters failing! A blog discrediting marty rathbun twitter BBC in October 2019 https: //markrathbun.blog/2018/02/08/leah-reminis-troublemakers/, and their third Ortega... Prejudice the Iran-Iraq war of the ASC policy to the appellate Court.! Letting it ride with these mosquitos that Marty Rathbun ’ s lives for people! It with ASC financier/ops chief Karen De La Carriere & Jeffrey Augustine have established Clear... Rinder reckoned he ’ s scumbaggery reached its nadir bad lieutenant, charged with carrying out orders.

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