Properly use dog hygiene mats and which ones to choose

The toilet mats for dogs also called stringers or habituate mats, represent the most hygienic and functional solution to improve the quality of life of your little friend in the home. Choose a cat food mat. Practical and hypoallergenic, they prove invaluable in all those situations that require great absorbency and efficient neutralization of odors. The shape and composition of the most modern hygienic mats for dogs, in this sense, are specially designed to ensure maximum comfort in every situation, avoiding all those unpleasant inconveniences that can create inconvenience to the owner and, at the same time, impact the delicate sensitivity of the dog. ‘animal.

Available in different sizes to adapt to all needs, they are ideal for puppies not yet accustomed to holding back their needs and for sick and elderly dogs suffering from a disability or urinary incontinence. But even when there are no particular problems, dog hygienic mats can brilliantly solve unexpected situations that prevent you from taking your dog out for the usual walk, such as a sudden shower or a prolonged absence of the owner for work commitments. Useful at home, on the road, or during short trips by car, dog sleepers are an indispensable accessory to ensure optimal hygiene everywhere: thin and foldable, they can be easily spread on the floor, on the sofa, or on the rear seats of the car. The larger sizes are also perfect for lining the bottom of the kennel or your favorite pillow, allowing you to keep them clean for longer.

The surface of these mats is composed of a special filter material that lets the liquid pass without letting it stagnate on the skin and on the coat of the can e: this detail is extremely important because it avoids the discomfort of feeling wet for your little friend and hinders the onset of dermatitis and other irritations resulting from prolonged contact with urine. The inner part of the dog sleepers is made of highly absorbent cellulose with active polymers for effective anti-odor action. Correct use requires that the mat is placed with the outer layer of waterproof material in direct contact with the surface to be protected. To ensure grip and stability, the corners of this insulating layer are equipped with special adhesives that fix the mat to the surface with simple pressure. The smaller sizes are also ideal for cats who, due to incontinence problems or limited mobility, do not have the possibility to use the litter box.

How to choose hygienic sleepers for dogs

Dog hygienic mats are available in a wide range of types and sizes to choose from based on the size of the pet, its specific needs, and the place where the mat is to be placed. For small dogs and cats, for example, a 60X60 cm crossbar will suffice; larger rugs, on the other hand, are recommended for larger sizes or particularly large surfaces that should be fully protected, such as a kennel, pillow, or armchair. For this purpose, there are on the market accustoming mats for dogs of rectangular shapes, such as the practical 60X90 format. For small rooms, it is advisable to opt for the absorbent mats with lavender scent, particularly useful for reducing the annoyances associated with unpleasant odors. Depending on the frequency of use, it is possible to choose between packs of 10 pieces or packs of 20 pieces that allow you to make a useful stock at an affordable price. Thin and foldable, these mats offer the added advantage of being easily transported while on the move: each mat, in fact, can be stored even in a small space, such as a bag or pocket, and always be at hand.

How to use dog hygiene mats

Getting a puppy used to use dog mats is simple: just place the crossbar on the floor, in a corner of the house that the dog usually likes. After waking up, eating, or playing, the dog should be taken to the mat and left there until it has fulfilled its needs; as soon as the child has urinated or defecated, it is useful to gratify him with a biscuit or a cuddle to make him understand that he has done the right thing. The hygienic crossbars are very useful for gradually accustoming the dog to doing his needs outside the home: in this case, it is sufficient to move the mat more and more towards the entrance door, so that, with each use, the dog is ever closer to the outdoor space. The habituating mats for dogs are disposable: after each use, therefore, they can be folded back on themselves and then disposed of among unsorted waste. If the dog is elderly, disabled, or incontinent, the hygienic rails must be placed in several places in the house and in particular in places where your friend usually stops or rests. Choose a larger mat to line the bottom of the kennel and place the others on his favorite chair, sofa, floor, rugs, and car. Before placing the mat, make sure that the surfaces are always clean and dry: in this way, the stickers will adhere well and the crossbar will remain firm and flat. For small dogs and cats, dog hygienic mats are an excellent solution for lining the bottom of the carrier during trips to the vet, travel, and all other movements.

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