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The Best Rescue Dogs

There are many dogs trained to carry out these types of tasks. It is usually strong and large breeds. Now, the best rescue dogs are characterized by their particular character. That is, they are animals with great intelligence and intuition, extremely versatile and easily trained.

What are the best rescue dogs?

Obedient, intuitive and temperamental. These are the main characteristics of this type of animal. There is a great variety of dog breeds specialized in rescue. The rescue teams have these animals to obtain better results in their work.

These are unique species, with many virtues and qualities. Rescue dogs are animals of great temperament and self-esteem. Usually, they are exclusive to these types of tasks.

This is the list of the best rescue dogs:

  • German Shepherd dog
  • Belgian shepherd malinois
  • Belgian Shepherd Tervueren
  • Border collie
  • Labrador Retriever
  • Golden Retriever
  • Spanish Spaniel

These seven races are characterized by their unique characteristics. The best rescue dogs have certain personality traits that are difficult to match.

Characteristics of rescue dogs


They are extremely attentive dogs. They rarely fall into the trap of distraction. This allows them to adequately fulfill their work. These types of animals usually keep all their senses on maximum alert, all the time. This ensures their willingness to perform the task entrusted.

High self-esteem

These races strive to give their best. This causes immense personal pleasure. Also, it is a guarantee of its reliability when performing the work. Rescue dogs take pride in themselves. It is as if they knew what they were born for.


Rescue dogs have a lot of personalities. They use their initiative as a capacity for resolution. Usually, these animals know how to function on their own. This will be necessary for the work they are going to do. Among other things because, on many occasions, your guide will not be with them. They must be animals with high ingenuity.


Finding a lost person is not a simple task. Weather, location, and many other factors will complicate the search. For this type of task, a united and persistent team is required. Rescue dogs are trained to never give up. They will not stop until they achieve their goal.


These are high-intensity animals. They get involved in the search in such a way that it seems that it is something very important for them. This is of vital importance when it comes to achieving the objective. The commitment of this type of working dog is admirable.


They are also very well-trained animals. They usually enjoy a unique resistance. Thanks to her, they can withstand the adversities of their work. They always keep their energy full. It must be remembered that, generally, rescue dogs are of corpulent complexion.


They are also animals with a very developed sensitive instinct. This increases their ability to react to stimuli. Since childhood, the sensitivity of these animals is enhanced. Therefore, they always manage to find the right track.


The character of this type of pet is very balanced. They have a very particular way of processing the information. Serenity and observation are unique characteristics of this type of dog. This makes it very simple to work with them.


It is also highly adaptable animals. This virtue allows them to face the external changes to which they are exposed. Rescue dogs are usually very flexible. This will be very important, especially when dealing with climatic, terrestrial and environmental changes.

The best rescue dogs meet all the mentioned characteristics. They are species specially trained in the performance of difficult tasks. Best of all, the reliability of these animals every day is more real.

Every day more rescue teams incorporate these animals into their work. Rescue dogs play a unique role. Also, every day some more canine educators specialize in this type of training. Working with animals is undoubtedly a unique privilege.

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