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Treatment of Cinophobia, Fear of Dogs

Many people suffer from Cinophobia. It is an intense fear of dogs. This fear is not normal, and can even lead to serious complications. Occasionally, it causes panic attacks and anxiety in the person. Those who suffer from Cinophobia suffer immensely from the simple fact of crossing with a dog. But this pathology is effectively treatable.

How to know if you suffer from Cinophobia?

Many people confuse the simple fear of dangerous dogs with Cinophobia. However, this disease has its own characteristics. There are a number of symptoms that will identify the person with this problem.

The following list reflects some of the most common symptoms:

  • The fear is intense and disproportionate.
  • Everyday situations in which you can interact with a dog are avoided.
  • It is an irrational fear, which lacks a logical explanation.
  • Terror becomes almost unbearable.
  • The person is unable to control himself against this fear.
  • You suffer a lot when crossing or approaching a dog.
  • Physical symptoms are experienced, such as nausea, sweating, and tachycardia.
  • Dizziness and muscle weakness may occur.
  • The person feels like running away from the place.
  • Panic or anxiety attacks when being near a dog.

These are the clearest symptoms of cynophobia. Usually, people who suffer from this problem know how to identify it. Currently, there are many treatments against the condition. There are even many professionals who specialize in the area. This pathology is also special in children.

Treatment for Cinophobia

Millions of people suffer from Cinophobia. This is perhaps why there are several therapies to treat this disease. Best of all, almost all of them tend to be effective in most cases. According to the person’s profile, the therapist will recommend the appropriate treatment for her.

Author: Wagner Cezar

Gradual Exposure Therapy

It is a treatment that has given very good results. It basically consists of bringing the person closer to a dog. This can be real or in pictures. The treatment seeks to gradually reduce the patient’s anxiety. In addition, with the approach to the animal, the brain will understand that the “danger” is not real. Usually, after a few sessions, the pathology will disappear.

Relaxation techniques

It is another effective treatment against Cinophobia. Techniques such as yoga or meditation are used. Through these moments of relaxation, the anxiety of the person is calmed down. Typically, these techniques are applied prior to the treatment of gradual exposure. In this way, it will be much easier for the patient to stand before the animal.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

This therapy seeks to try to change the patient’s behavioral patterns. In this way, they can identify real and unreal ideas. Cainophobia generates an altered perception of reality and danger. Cognitive-behavioral therapy will help raise awareness. With this, you can perceive emotions in a more real way. In the end, the patient will realize that his fear is not justified.

Exhibition through virtual reality

Technology advances at giant steps. The exhibition through virtual reality seeks to project an idea as if it were the original. The patient will be placed a kind of lenses, with which he will perceive certain situations. Very realistic images will be generated as if a dog were in front.


There are medications that help fight xenophobia. Usually, these are calming drugs that help decrease anxiety. These types of treatments are applied in patients who have other phobias, apart from fear of dogs.

Either way, drug treatment will be considered as a last resort. First, try to address the problem from the psychological level.

There are many ways to treat cynophobia. Usually, the therapist will recommend the right treatment. This will be done taking into account the intensity of the condition and the profile of the person. Although it is not a serious illness, it can cause serious inconvenience.

People with Cinophobia should not be disturbed. The first thing will be to identify the problem. After this, you can consult a professional in the area. Usually, within a few months, the terror towards dogs will disappear.

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