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Wrinkled Dog Breeds

As soon as we see them, we die of the tenderness and love caused by their folds in the face or in other parts of the body. Wrinkled dogs are increasingly popular worldwide because of their sympathy and beauty. In this article, we tell you what are the races within this group that would need a good ironing.

What are the wrinkled dog breeds?

For a long time, researchers have tried to answer the question of why are there wrinkled dogs? Analyzing their dermal peculiarities, they still could not find the reason why the skin of these animals does not look “ironed”.

In the case of Shar Pei, it is due to an inherited disease called cutaneous mucinosis. For now, nothing else is known about the other races. What we can guarantee is that you hardly see one, you will die of love! And you’ll want to take it home. The examples of wrinkled dogs are:

1. Neapolitan Mastiff

It is a breed of the moles type of the family of bulldogs and large. Its origin dates back to 300 BC and it is believed that its ancestor is the Tibetan Mastiff. The Greeks made it known among the Romans, who created their own animal, which was used for circus fighting.

The Neapolitan Mastiff is solid, stocky, big head and heavy. Although it seems dangerous, it is not at all. Strong protector of a home and his family, he will always be vigilant and attentive. Very loyal, determined, intelligent, majestic, and not at all aggressive. It is essential to train it as a puppy. You may suffer from hip dysplasia and should be fed 1 kg of food per day.

2. English Bulldog

Or simply Bulldog is another of the wrinkled dogs on our list. Originally from the United Kingdom, this dog was used for fighting in the 17th century and is one of the symbols of the country. With a “chubby” aspect and square body, this breed was used to create other races such as the Boxer, the Bullmastiff, and the Bull Terrier. It has a flattened snout, is very strong and resistant, and can weigh up to 22 kg (adult males). The tail is naturally short and curly.

If you have an English Bulldog, you must be careful, because it is very prone to heatstroke. In addition, he suffers from Brachiocephalic Syndrome, which makes breathing difficult. It is also vulnerable to obesity if you do not exercise.

3. Pug

Also known as Carlino, it is a race of Chinese origin but that became famous in the United Kingdom. Small in size and molluscoid type, the Pug has a large head compared to the body, straight legs, and curly tail. The colors “accepted” are fawn silver or apricot with a black mask.

It is an animal that needs good socialization since puppy and gets along with large dogs. He is very playful, active and somewhat suspicious of strangers. Although it is not a guardian, at least alert about the dangers. Care must be taken with the eyes, because being bulging, they can rub against the objects in the house. Wrinkles can accumulate secretion and moisture causing infections and bad smell.

4. Bullmastiff

This breed of English origin is the result of the cross between a Bulldog and an English Mastiff (hence its name). The first specimens date from the 19th century, and it was used to catch poachers because of its powerful jaw. It is a large, square head, dark eyes, and reddish fawn fur. He is guardian, little barking, active and homemade. It adapts to any type of housing.

5. Shar Pei

When we think of wrinkled dogs, this breed soon comes to mind. Its folds are all over the body! This animal is of Chinese origin and was first spoken of in 206 BC It was also the symbol of the Han dynasty. Shar-Pei means “Sand skin” because of its color.

It was used as a guardian of graves, defense, for fighting and currently as a pet. It almost disappeared during the communist regime, which considered pets as symbols of the bourgeoisie and a waste of food. It is serene, balanced, independent and of a single master. Play as cats giving blows and can be a quite unruly puppy.

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